Floating frames for art show

Most of my paintings are on gallery wrapped 1.5 inch profile canvases. Partly because I love the simple look, but also for the ease of not doing the framing. I might be changing my tune. I had five paintings with the typical canvas profile of 3/4". I decided to frame those in hardwood with a float frame with a 1.5 inch profile to keep it uniform. I'm beginning to really like this look! It's traditional because of the stained wood, but it's modern because of it's simple lines and shape. It's not too hard. Not as hard as painting a portrait....hahaha.

I used Terry Strickland's husband's advice on framing. It worked well. terrystricklandart.blogspot.com/2012/06/how-to-build-floating-shadow-box-frame.html

I went with oak because I know how it responds to the stain I wanted. I had refinished my stairs in the same stain. It's not too golden or red, but it's still very rich. I used duraseal quick coat in coffee. The wood that is holding the canvas is pine. Just stock that I had from studs.

The only concern I have is that the four corners are being held together by glue and a few staples. No nails or screws. With the paintings screwed in at four points will help the stability. The paintings all have eye screws with wire, so none of the paintings will be hung by the frame. I'm hoping that that will suffice. Hubby says it's fine. Let's hope!

I have two more to make. I'm thinking I'll have a few made in the sizes I use most stored without stain. Then paint or stain when needed.

Random Oak boards 30.00
Trim screws 1 5/8" 2.00
Pine Free
Stain Quart is 13.00 but I only used about 1/8th of that.

For 30-40 bucks I got several frames! Not too shabby...as I glance at the wall at the 12x16 painting that I got framed at a craft store for 50.00...that was on sale, waited two weeks, and still not as nice!

If I think of it, I'll try to take pics while I work on the next two.
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