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Some of my drawings

I have concentrated on drawing for many years. And I am looking forward to working with the Carder method and learn a new way of painting. All of these drawings are from life. "Love Letter", 23"x18" and "Waiting", 26"x19" are done in charcoal & white chalk. "Passage", 32"x23", graphite. src="" alt="" />

ElizaGERARD61dencalSummerrgr[Deleted User]MeganSedward[Deleted User]MikeORonRonnaIrishcajun[Deleted User]HwyStarRosannemariebAntoniusJKEstherHwazhamL.Duran


  • PennyM

    Excellent work with exceptional value control.

  • I always know when I am in the presence of excellence. My eyes begin to tear. I'm reaching for a tissue.
  • Thank you Denis and Summer. Summer you are funny...
  • Put another way: "I am an idolater of perfect workmanship of any kind. And this is truly perfect workmanship." Stieglitz speaking of the work of Ansel Adams. :)
  • You are going to shine when you go into the painted versions!
  • I'm with Ron. You will shine. Looking forward to your paintings.
  • Love your work, thanks for sharing what you are doing. There is a lot to learn from what I see here, thanks again.
  • Thank you Ron, Oil painter, Irish, & marten. Drawing is my love. We'll see if painting will compete for my attention..... lol
  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2015
    PennyM said:

    Drawing is my love. We'll see if painting will compete for my attention..... lol

    I can't think of a better preparation for painting than knowing how do do silverpoint (on the cheap with graphite) drawing because it is so unforgiving compared to other drawing mediums. The fact that you have mastered it says a lot about your level of skill at drawing. I've always been afraid to try it. You are very well prepared for this journey. :)
  • Summer, What did you think I had done in silver point? I have done silverpoint but I haven't put any up. Just buy silver wire for jewelry. Put it into a mechanical pencil. Sharpen (not to much) the wire with file or metal abrasive paper. The thing with silverpoint is you create darks by placing strokes closer together. Not really dark like pencil. Does not erase. So work slowly. Its nice when you can use white highlights on tinted paper. Gives you a larger value range. Work small til you get the idea of it.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2015
    PennyM Sorry for mistaking several of your drawings for silver point. I had not read all of your introduction. I would like to mention that your familiarity and knowledge of silver point seems to me to show in the work that you have posted here. Looking forward to your success with the Carder method of painting.
  • PennyM those are Astounding :)
  • Looking again at your work, and again those are very impressive drawing. If you follow Marks method I don't see how you could do anything but great painting. Look forward to seeing any results.
  • PennyM - Your drawings are amazing, the detail is superb. I also draw in graphite but not to your level of expertise yet. May I ask what paper and tools you use to get such smooth photo-like results in your drawings?
  • Dwfields, thanks for your compliment. The drawing "passage" was done on a very large sheet of paper. It may have been strathmore 400. or lana. I buy paper all the time. And this sheet was in my drawer for awhile. I use a variety of pencils. Primacolor turquoise, cretacolor, derwent. The turquoise brand is not made well anymore. Bad wood, graphite is grainy. They have cheapened them. Each pencil has its own range. Derwent, kimberly, lumagraph are harder and lighter pencils in range. Turquoise and Creatacolor are slightly darker in range. Meaning an hb in Creatacolor is darker than an lumagraph, etc. I like pencils that are darker and very smooth. Test out various brands to see what fits your touch.(the way you put pressure on it) I usually don't blend pencil but in this drawing I used tissue paper(very softly) for the window and a little stump here and there. I use kneaded erasers to lighten, tuff stuff click eraserstick(can be cut to shapes) and Tombow mono zero,(smaller version) to lighten, refine, ( and of course boo boo's) The original drawing is much softer and cleaner than the image above. The other two drawings are done on Canford Card stock gunmetal, drednot, really nice paper. Pan pastel for layout applied with sofit sponge tool. Charcoal pencil soft, med, hard, and white chalk pencil mixed in layers. I start drawings with a basic drawing then I gradual build the value shapes, when the drawing feels balanced I go for the details. I build many, many layers of light pencil washes. A dark may take 15 applications before it is right. If you push to hard to get quick results you will flatten your paper surface. The graphite get shiny and it can not be removed. Any of the dark in the drawing could be removed because they are not ground into the paper surface. Sorry for the long explanation, hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Thank you Marieb and EstherH. thank you for your comments. It's nice to have someone enjoy your work.
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