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1. On the old forum there was an area of student paintings that you could browse. Any thoughts of setting up an area like that of the forum? It was very nice and inspirational.
2. I remember David's first painting of a couple of roses, if I remember correctly. Any chance we could see that again David?
3. A flag can be posted say below someones painting that says 'like', 'awesome' etc. I try that and the number of likes will increase in number but my id pic does not get added like others. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks and again, really appreciate your site and hope for its huge success.


  • Gfish, I agree about a place where we could browse the paintings of others. I'd love that. When you hit the "like" or "awesome" button, often the little id pic won't show up until you refresh the page. If you go back to that discussion where you were unable to see your id pic, it will be there....

    -Scot White
  • Still life #4 is fab-u-lous.
  • I'm officially blown away. I wish I knew how to insert that gif where the little person is bowing. I especially love #2. This is inspiring and humbling.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited January 2013

    I'm officially blown away. I wish I knew how to insert that gif where the little person is bowing. I especially love #2. This is inspiring and humbling.

    When typing a reply, in the top-right corner of the comment text box, there is a small "smiley" icon. If you click it you will get a gallery of different emoticons, and you just click the one you want to insert. In the text it will show up with text characters but when you submit the post it will turn into the smiley image. But don't bow to me. :P
  • Outstanding David! Hope you find the time to return to painting, it really is very good.
  • David, I've never seen that third one. It's beautiful!
    I wish I could see the one you thought was awful.
    gfish may be thinking of Marks favorite student painting but I can't remember the guys name.
  • You may be correct Ronna because none of the paintings posted are the one I remember. This painting was of a couple of roses laying on a table. I remember there was a comment that there had been no blending done. At the same time David, your paintings are very very good and I also love the one with the flower pedals. You really should do more when you are able to settle and find a more permanent place. Thank you for your answer.
  • I think the paintings was by a student and Mark used it to show the results of absolutely no blending. All though the one I remember was cut flowers laying on a table but there were more than just roses. It was a wonderful example of laying the paint down and leaving it alone.
  • I think it was Ronnie Taylor? Just a bunch of flowers on a table with no blending. Mark told me the story and it was something like the student thought he would show Mark he could do it with no blending and was thinking it was awful....of course Mark and everyone else loved it!
  • I think Gary and Liz are right. Mark probably has an image somewhere but I'm not going to ask him to look for it because he's wwwaaayyy to busy working on new videos and such.
  • GaryGary -
    edited January 2013
    We like to hear that David! More videos and Mark have created a bunch of art video junkies just waiting for their next fix. :)
  • It's Ronney Taylor.

    Here's an old, not so good pdf copy of the TCM page where it showcased some of the students' paintings.
  • @David
    WOWWWW!!! Super AWESOME!!!!!!

    I love them all, esp. the middle one ♥♥♥. Is that for sale (I most likely won't be able to afford it), or have you sold it, or are you selling it only if you get an offer you can't refuse?
    I'd be happy if I could paint half as good as that and your other paintings!!!
  • Thank you for posting those paintings Vangie. I first came across Mark site from WetCanvas where some folks were not being kind, so to speak. One of the first things I looked was the student paintings and it was a no brainer to figure something was working in his process.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited January 2013
    @Vangie Thanks! I haven't painted in forever and don't have any paintings for sale. If by chance you are interested, my cousin Amy's second painting is for sale. You can see the WIP and finished painting here:

    No need to reply here — you can contact her through YouTube if you're interested, but even if you're not, it's a cool video.
  • VangieVangie -
    edited January 2013
    As I've written in my email to you, you are such a brilliant artist. The few that you've done are simply superb, and I'm just blown away. It's a shame that your still life #2 which I've fallen in love with, is no longer available for me to buy... and neither are the other ones, all of which I 've enjoyed looking at tremendously. I'm still hoping to own one of your paintings one day, so I hope you do many more.

    Thank you for sharing the photos of your work.

    I will check out your cousin Amy's work.
  • Amy's work is incredible. I don't think I'll ever get over my shock at how well an artist can paint a first painting using this method.
  • Sue is right, Amy's work is incredible. You know whats going to happen. There are going to be soo many people using Marks teachings and producing this incredible volume of work that no one will me able to sell anything because we are all so good. We will have to start a marketing group and sell to Walmart. :(
  • Oh no and I've already told a million people about Mark Carder, even the clerk at the art store who was sick of hearing about it. We're doomed! No wait. This method takes a lot of skill. I think we're okay.
  • Great work will always stand out. Tell a million more, Sue! The more the merrier.
  • Oh I am, David! I posted a link on a FB art group for one and spreading the word wherever I can.
    [Deleted User]Gary
  • I need to get a bunch of cards made up....I hit up everyone I ever run into! People next to me on a plane, the UPS guy, the hairdresser.....people get sick of me I am sure. :D
    sue_deutscher[Deleted User]Gary
  • Have it etched in concrete, lol :))
  • Hey....good idea! I know where to get that stuff!
  • Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
    edited January 2013
    Too much great art? If the world was perfect, the walls of every room you ever walked into, whether your home, your friends, the hotel, your office would be covered with great art. Imagine that, I mean everyone a masterpiece. It would only serve to set a new standard for great. We can't even imagine the work. Of course not just fantastic brush work, but incredible compositions and subjects and lighting. Portraits that would make you weep, landscapes that would literally take your breath away.

    I love great art! LOVE IT! Beauty has no definition or bounds, I want it all.

    Life is full of suffering and despair, can there be too much beauty?
  • Well said, Mr. Mark. No, there can not be too much beauty.
  • David, I think you should reconsider taking up painting, they are all great but I really like the 3rd one. :-?
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