two updates to the supply list

I am posting this in two forum categories so everyone will see it.

We have updated the paints we recommend for staining as well as the pencil we recommend for drawing. We will remake the "how to stain a canvas" video in the near future as well.

Click here for the updated supply list.


  • I m looking for th price of the color checker, didn't see on the price list.
  • Hello everyone!
    I live in Vancouver. Do you have any suggestions on where I can find appropriate Venice turpentine here in Vancouver? Thank u!
  • Gulmira

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Artists' material
    7442 Rue Saint-hubert
    Montreal, Quebec
    Canada, H2R 2N3
    toll free : 866 972 2173
    Phone : 514 272 2173
    Fax : 514 948 5253
    [email protected]

  • Gulmira,
    Rath Art Supplies
    2410 Main Street
    It's a bit closer than Montreal ;)
  • Lucie

    I was unable to find VT in Rath's product range or in any other Vancouver art supply store.

  • I understand Denis, not much is listed on their website. But this is where I bought mine. They also have the Kama brand. This is a little shop but so full of treasure and worth the visit.
  • Lucie

    Great. Thanks.

  • Thank you Lucie!
    Thank you Dencal!
  • Hi, I'm looking for the slow dry recipe for Titanium White but am unable to find it on the website. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! 
  • SummerSummer -
    edited January 2016

    @H_Orton  Here is the recipe from my notes and my label on the bottle:

    SDM for Titanium White only

    • 10 parts OMS (I use Gamsol)

    • 5 parts refined linseed oil

    • 5 parts Venice turpentine

    • 1 part stand oil


  • Is there a reason that DMP doesn't sell bottles of it's own Slow dry medium? I have a lot of good paint in tubes that I want to use. I can buy someone else's Slow dry medium but I like your solvent free approach & appreciate your teaching contributions to all of us learners. So I would like to buy your SDM. Also the recipe given does have OMS in it. Thank You!
  • PS it seems like a lot of people on the forum have trouble finding & getting the ingredients of the recipe.
  • @ranchita I believe that the slow dry medium is under development for sale in the Geneva store but so are a lot of other products in their pipeline.  Shipping OMS type products are getting more restrictive here in the US and elsewhere and causing even more delays.  I didn't have any trouble at all finding the products I needed to make the SDM but I'm here in the States.  I know David and Mark are making great progress trying to get their products to other parts of the world.  I don't know your location, but I think if you made a plan of the items that you will need before beginning to purchase them, and asked for help with specific items from this forum, that you'd achieve your goal with the least amount of hassle.  Hope this helps.  Summer
  • @Summer We are not planning on producing or selling slow-dry medium, or any other solvent-based products. The medium used for Geneva paint is not the same as slow-dry medium, and is not something that could be used to mix with tube paint as it integrated from the ground up with the pigment and is a bit different for each color.

    @ranchita We don't sell any physical products through DMP, and we're focused on expanding the Geneva line (more products, more colors, and making it more widely available) and avoiding solvents altogether. Making a medium that usually works okay with most tube paint is sort of a compromise function-wise and quality-wise, and while it was the best option before, now that we make paint that is much better performance-wise, much more economical, and much much easier to use, we really don't recommend SDM and tube paint if you have access to Geneva paint. We realize not everyone does have access to Geneva paint yet, or may have paint they want to finish using before switching, so that's why we still provide the how-to videos and recipes for slow-dry medium… but a lot goes into our products, and making it, testing it, selling it, and shipping it is just not a direction we want to go in with all the other things we have planned that we need to get to.

    I agree, it's a pain to get all the SDM ingredients and mix them into paint and store them and all that stuff, and that's partly what prompted Mark to start making ready-to-use paint in the first place! But if you need SDM, the ingredients are available out there, just make a post letting people know which country you live in and they can give you links to the stuff you need.
  • @David_Quinn_Carder Sorry to hear that you won't be making the SDM or the ones for Burnt Umber and Titanium White either.  Before Geneva paint was released I remember there was some call for it in a post.  I also have a lot of old paint to use up so I'll resign myself to the task of continuing to make whatever SDM that I need.  I love the Geneva paint and prefer working in a solvent-free environment and look forward to seeing other products for sale in your store as they are released.  Summer 
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