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I went to browsing, opened file, and said ok but it did not show up in the browsing. Thats the way it works with other sites. File is 2.35mb


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    Hello. Welcome. I always convert/crop my mb files to kb before uploading to this site. Hope this helps.
  • I reduced them to Kb but they still will not jump into the browse box.
  • I wish I could help but I am having trouble understanding what you're talking about, so let's start from the beginning and do this step by step.

    First, are you using a Windows computer or a Mac; where on your computer is your filed (Desktop, a particular folder, etc); and what kind of file is it (jpg; png; etc)?
  • Windows, I hit the attach file, it opens a or________ Browse. I hit browse and then, put the image in the file name, I opened my image. It should have gone into the browse box to start uploading. But it did not... I don't know about pasting URL.
  • Hello @PennyM

    When you select the image file and then "open" , you will see a code in this box.

    Dont worry a bit about it because I think that is what is confusing you , as you are not seeing the image in this box .

    The image would be displayed only when you hit the ""post comment " button .

    if you see the code in this box , it means you have attached the image successfully .

    hope this helps !
  • I have attached a few step images .

    STEP 1 : click on browse

    STEP 2 : click on the image you want to upload , then hit open . wait for sometime for the image to get attached .

    STEP 3 : the code appears , showing the image . the image is now attached .

    hit "post comment" to post the image .

    hope this helps .
  • Thank you all so much for the help. The problem is nothing shows in the browse box, no code or url or anything. I waited 15 minutes for something to happen.. I went to my web site and uploaded a large mb file in 27 seconds. So its not my computer. I even went to other topics and nothing happened. Is there another way to upload?? Sorry to bother everyone. I have never had problems doing this before.
  • What kind of file is it?
  • And by the way, you can add stuff via URL if you are uploading to your website anyway. Just go to your website, right-click the image and select "copy image address" or "copy image URL" or something like, and then past it into the blank that asks for image URL. Or right-click the image, select "open image in new tab" (or something like that, will be different depending on your browser), then in the new tab that just shows your image, copy the entire address in the address bar. That is the image URL.
  • Got it, a tech help me. It was my browser..... it was killing it. thanks for everything
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