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Wyoming says hello, and so do I!

Hi, Im Ryan Atkins and Im from Casper Wyoming and Im 40. Ive always sketched off and on but about two years ago I picked it up after some rough patches and my art has taken off since. Im currently 130 days into a year long plein air painting a day self challenge and have just now finally transitioned to oil painting about 2 months or so ago, and have had the time of my life so far. I was primarily a pencil artist then I found pastels and then watercolors and lastly a local artist in my town suggested I go for oils and not to look back, so here I am.

Really looking forward to learning literally everything I can about oil, art and history in my quest to become a full time artist, and Im happy Ive found this site through a few Youtube videos Ive used to learn the very basics of oil painting. I look forward to posting my work and learning from my constant mistakes!

Sargents style and ugly painting is what I strive for, love the Impressionist movement!

Not sure if I can post this but heres my website Note is has a few NSFW Sketches.
[Deleted User]SummerEliza


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