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Hello Folks,

Here is another update to my studio that my husband and I are working on. You can see we have purchased and installed the largest easel created by Mark Carder. It's sturdy, easy to use, and looks good.

We've also installed 8' darkening curtains from HMC Display behind the easel, 4 of them.

On the left, because space is now at a premium, we had to combine Mark's other Easel design with his Photo Stand. Now we have a fully functioning and easy to switch two-in-one easel and photo stand.

Because I hope to be painting into my old age, I put wheels on Mark's palette table.

This next project was not so successful probably. Just finished it today. I attached a backing material to the painted glass palettes but I think this material may loosen in parts and have to be smoothed back into place occasionally. I used Home-it Chalkboard Contact Paper Decorative Contact Paper 18-inch By 6-feet Set of 2 Contact Paper.

We built a three-tiered 8' high screen that will wrap around the palette table to solve the reflected light problem. The HMC Display curtains will arrive next week. There will be a canopy atop this screen to completely block out the rest of the reflected light over the palette table.

Due to lack of space, we built a Drying Rack which helped immensely when painting the backs of the glass palettes.

I'm including a view of the inside of the refrigerator showing four smaller palettes ready to use. We protected the glass shelves with thin masonite boards.

Here is a photo of Mark's Brush Holder with paint brushes in place. Nice idea for holding wet brushes tip downward.

Any questions or suggestions will be appreciated about this once-in-a-lifetime work effort we have embarked upon. Thank you very much Mark and David Carder and other members of DMP for inspiring me to begin this adventure. I read your posts over and over and over again almost every day. I'm always amazed at the quality of information I find here.

Hope this helps others of you who are thinking about building a studio or are in the midst of doing so or simply just love looking at other people's work spaces. I love it here!



  • Summer

    Looking good. Thanks for the detailed update.

  • I am so impressed and, yes, I have to admit it, I'm extremely jealous.
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    Summer thank you for showing all these pictures. It must be so exciting to prepare a new studio and to see it getting more and more finished. It is a beautiful studio and I am sure it will be very comfortable to work in. As you solved most of the problems beforehand, you will be able to concentrate entirely on your paintings... and I look forward to see them!
  • Nice and comfortable and perfectly equipped to enjoy ! would'have one like that :)
  • You are waaaaay ahead of me! I love your picture holder/easel. Good IDEA! I'm short in stature and I go back and forth between standing and sitting, so that would be awesome! I have to make 7 easels for a show, so I'll have plenty of those! I used plain 'ol masking tape on my palette table and it not only made me less nervous (since I skimped on the thickness), but it also made my stain more "true" and opaque.

    I also added these little bumpers to the palette table to have just a little give when I'm working with the knife and to keep the slanted one in place.

    It has a ton of other uses too. (We have a huge glass top table on glass pedestals that was sliding around, so I use several of them on the pedestals to keep the table from moving. It's also attractive. It compresses to clear dots. I have also used them behind big paintings so that the d-rings didn't scratch the wall.

    I do think you need more carpet protection though...but I'm a messy painter.

  • @MeganS This is the most fun that my husband and I have had in a very long time building this studio together. We work well together and the ideas just flow. Seven easels sounds awesome. Hope that you will post pictures of the easels and your paintings. I know what you mean about color staying true and opaque behind the palette glass. Mine did too but the color in the photo is distorted. I checked out the little bumpers on Amazon and will keep them in mind as the occasions to use them arise--a good find. I like that they compress to clear dots. Good to know. I agree about the carpet protection. Still trying to remedy that problem. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. :)
  • Terrific setup Summer, now you get to use it all and spread some paint on al those lovely clean items!
  • @Ron Thank you for the compliment--and the reality of what's coming--haha.
  • @martenvisser Thanks for the good vibes and suggestions. Dust is a real problem here. I have to use the hair dryer on a cool setting every day on the palette table and anything drying on the rack. Final photo will show a system we're devising now to remedy the dust on the palette table problem. Hope it works. :)
  • @martenvisser and @MeganS Looking forward to painting ugly and messy, as you suggest will happen, maybe I'll post some photos in a year so we can all laugh. Though I don't think that our future real estate agent will be laughing--haha. :)
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