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Mark's new video - Setting up a Still life

GaryGary -
edited October 2012 in General Discussion
Your new video on setting up a still life is very refreshing and interesting to me. When your a master at your trade , it is easy for us who are not masters to assume it all comes easy to you. I really enjoyed painting still life setups but quit because I struggle so much with setting things up. I had read books addressing 'rules' for composition and all I saw in my setups were things which didn't fit the rules. To see you work at getting a setup was great, all the many combinations were interesting in how the same objects can look very different depending on arrangement, lighting, background, etc. The heart of the message for me, however, was this: experiment, change things around until you find something that you love and then paint it.....forget the 'rules'. Thanks for the new inspiration to try again!


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