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New Portrait - Colors

I am painting a portrait of a desert Monk. Just look up "Coptic Monk" on goggle and u'll see what i'm talking about. In my other post I mentioned that the background would be of the desert and the monk's cave... but I decided to work on that project sometime in the near future. The monks wear black on black... the only variation in color is the hat they wear which has small crosses in gold... First I was wondering, how to make a gold color... cad yellow with a touch of red? or just a yellow ochre? Also for the background, when your sitter is just in black... what color should the background be... I was thinking that the background would be a cool black and the monks black garbs be lighter in value... so that he can stand out... he also has a pretty dark beard... or I was thinking the background would be a dark blue... and the monk in different variations of black for his clothe... depending on the shadow and light?... the photo reference is him standing in a hallway... i took out the hallway in my sketch. Thanks all


  • Mark

    I don't want to sound unhelpful but as you have a photo reference all the values and the fall of light is there for you to see. Black on black is separated by temperature and value, creating the light and shadow. Use your color checker to match the yellows and browns in the gold.

    We cant see the photo as you didn't post it, but changing the background so dramatically will influence the values and color relationships. The hallway may lend perspective and depth and account for the quality of light, that context may now be missing.

    Mark's videos (free) explains how to deal with all of these problems.

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