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Original Carder Method YouTube videos deleted?

I was browsing YouTube a while ago looking for the Carder Method explained videos as well as the How To Make A Living As An Artist videos and they seem to have been every ones he same time. There were like 9 channels all with the videos deleted. Any one know what the deal is? I can live without the videos (there are better ones here), but it's a pretty strange occurrence.


  • tjstjs -
    edited January 2013
    Maybe he's moving them to his new channel for Draw, MIx, Paint

    I also liked the lectures. I takes time to re-design a course. I'm sure they will come back if he feels it's pertinent to his new approach :)
  • @Mark_Carder Yea that makes sense. I was particularly concerned about the "Making a living as an artist" videos. Galleries seem much more approachable after the way you explained it. Well thanks for the response. I've been enjoying your productions, especially the portraiture download. They are very exhaustive.
  • Had it not been for the YouTube videos, the lecture ones, I would never had found this site. Someone on wetcanvas posted something along the lines of "anybody tried the Carder Method?" and gave some links..... I thought "carder" was some sort of hardware or method of using card to assist in painting - I know, seems strange, but that may just be me :)

    I followed it up and coincidentally, it was mid-October last year which was when the draw,mix,paint site was launched..... the rest, as they say, is geography - or is it history?
  • @Mark_Carder It would be cool if you re-did something similar to your "Making A Living As An Artist" video. Even if it's you just sitting at your chair in your studio simply speaking from your heart about the business side of things, it'd totally be a hit. I'm sure you've got bigger fish to fry, but it's just a thought
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