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"Painting Ugly" & more — Oil Painting Q&A Episode 7

In this video the opening lesson is about "painting ugly".

Watch it here:
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  • Mark

    Brilliant video. Very interesting.
    I have no trouble painting ugly, I do it all the time.
    My problem is that it still looks ugly at a distance :- ))

  • edited July 2015
    Thankyou for yet another Fantastic video jam-packed with a lot of knowledge and great information !!
    I eagerly await these Video sessions !
  • Mark,

    Once again. Well done.

    You made such excellent points about mixing up paints; and that no matter what - there will always be paint left over. It's the nature of painting. I think painting students always struggle with that reality. Paints are so darn expensive that we think none of it should be wasted, so why not try to mix up the exact amount needed. Laugh.

    Painting "ugly". My high school teacher called it a "muddy" palette. Unfortunately, I didn't understand what she was telling me. That is, until I took a color studies course in college.

    I love that you continue to stress the importance of color value and what its function is in painting "ugly".

    Grays (value intensity) absorb the complimentary color of another color juxtaposed to another value (whatever it is).

    I think "simultaneous contrast" is the technical term used to describe how colors interact.
  • Kingston said:

    Ugly? Impressionist brush work I'd say. Having enough confidence in your brush control is another way to put it.
    An excellent video. I hope the idea of expression is coming through to most. And here's to wasting paint.

    @Kingston Very well put. I'm getting the idea. It seems that my "old" work wasn't so bad after all. :)
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