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Hello all, I am trying to paint a portrait in black and white using the draw mix paint method. My birthday is coming up and my parents usually give me 300 dollars or so...with that money i'll buy the portrait video that Mark is offering...till then however, I had an interesting thing to note. I started off by painting the first foundation layer... burnt umber + titanium white - i then proceeded to sketch in the portrait ontop of the first layer the way we did with the mug. I realize that the sketch looks inverted and I can't tell if its accurate or not... so I inverted the reference photo but the reference photo has a lot more detail than my very simple sketch... the sketch was done in white charcoal pencil ... I have done portraits before in which I sketched in Black charcoal on a white canvas and then I painted the first layer above the sketch... which i feel was easier in getting the sketch right... what are your thoughts?


  • I'm not sure what you're talking about but it might help others to give you advice if you post photos.
  • I see what you're saying. The light lines on a darker background make it look like a negative image which makes it harder to tell if its accurate. Turning the photo into a negative won't help. You just have to make absolutely sure that all your landmarks are accurate before you start painting. Your underdrawing won't bear a resemblance to the photo, but don't worry about that. Just be sure that your measurements are correct before painting. Much easier to get it right at the beginning that in the middle of painting.
  • Martin,
    It is difficult... It seems like the measurements are right... but, i feel like something is off with it...although I can't really tell till I apply the skin... I think it would be wiser to just sketch portraits on a white canvas and then add that first layer... We shall see how it turns out and i'll let you all know :)
  • Yup, it was off... i tried to remedy the mistakes while painting, but it was a little too late... The sitters face is close, but just slightly off... and the slightly off just does not capture her true beauty... Even though I had the measurements right on, something about it was off... as i applied the skin, i started seeing what she was going to look like.. i made adjustments... i think its the eyes... i think they are slightly off...should be a little higher... in any case, it was the inverted sketch the ruined everything... had i sketched on a white canvas i would have gotten it right... its okay, i'll try it again next week... I can;t wait to buy Mark's 8 hour portrait video... I think it'll be fantastic... I wonder if anyone else out there had the same problem... measurements is one thing, but your eyes are another i guess...
  • This is where you should pay attention to Marks instructions. Really excellent stuff.
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