Thursday Night Oil Painting Q&A — Episode 6

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In this episode I start with a lesson and a demonstration on Anders Zorn's limited palette.

Watch the episode here:
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  • These are really amazing. There's nothing else like it anywhere.
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    Thank you for the reminder that every painting should be the next masterpiece. I find this really helpful even if it is never a masterpiece at the end ... :-< This thought helps to give my best and not rush through certain stages! Even if I am not happy with the result I am much more content about how I did it.
  • I agree EstherH! Making each painting the next masterpiece totally changes my thinking when I paint. Constantly asking the questions to make it the best it can be. I really enjoyed the limited palette color mixing comparison. Very enlightening. These Thursday night sessions are great!!
  • I like the idea of thinking of your next painting as a masterpiece and enjoying the journey. It dovetails with some recent findings about "deliberate practice" being critical to learning, and in what I see in most companies that I have worked. Those who try to do each job as well as they can continually improve, those who do not stagnate or fall behind.

    Also, once again the color mixing segments are very helpful.


    In this video you are using a medium to mix with the Zorn palette, is this linseed oil or something else?

    In this video you are talking about including leveling in your paint, what is leveling?

    Could you address how to keep your drawing accurate as you begin to paint using the DMP method? As I apply paint I seem to change the drawing, on still lifes and landscapes this is not too much of a problem (although it clearly changes the final result) but in portraits is a big problem if the likeness is not true.


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