Paint Viscosity

ElizaEliza -
edited June 2015 in Color Mixing
A thought came to me today, after watching Mark Carder's tutorial (again) on the 5 color palette, in regard to Mark's homogeneous color in his Geneva paints.

I'm reminded of the viscosity of printer's inks. That is, it reminds me of mixing printer's ink to a proper level of viscosity in order to make a print that doesn't have too much or too little ink on the printing matrix.

The viscosity of Geneva paints appears to create very little reflective light brush stroke changes. Remarkable!

I certainly do hope to purchase Geneva paints in the future.

Unfortunately, I will be starting a new painting in the next week with brand "tube" paint; albeit the photo is out of focus too. A major taboo, however, I have already sketched in the drawing on a small canvas.

But, I hope I can create an effect from the distinct black and white contrasts. Colors choices will be in the sepia/sienna ranges.

I have tried to link the photo to the forum, but I am having trouble uploading the photo.

I'll keep trying. I'm very excited to get my brushes wet again. ;-)


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