Using rubbing alchohol to remove dried paint from panel?

Does anybody know if I can safely remove dried oil paint from an acrylic gesso panel to reuse it (ampersand gessobord)? If so, do I do it like Mark shows in a video where he cleans his palette?


  • @Kingston Well, only problem is, the paintings a commission, and its only a small, but important area that Im not happy with, Ive tried a few times and let it dry in between, so the surface has become a bit uneven and too oily in that place. Re gessoing is not an option. Im not so keen on sanding cadmium pigment in my small studio without protection.
  • Ebs
    This product will dissolve hardened oil paint in selected areas. Scrape off and repaint.

    From time to time I come across a paintbrush - dropped, fell down the back of something, rolled under something - that has hardened to uselessness.

    I now routinely restore these easily in about twenty minutes of doing very little.

    The safe and easy to use all-round product that simultaneously does the work for which several different products would have been necessary in the past. Graffiti Go! will remove all types of paint, graffiti shadow, decals, marker pens, glue, fly-posters, chewing gum and much more. This product is safely being used by an increasing number of consumers and professional users alike.
    * One product does all – requires no pre-or after-treatment
    * Works on all surfaces
    * Non-hazardous
    * Non-caustic
    * Solvent-free
    * No Fumes
    * Non-flammable
    * Minimal evaporation
    * Water soluble ingredients
    * Cleaning off is easy – just use water
    * Clings 100% to vertical surfaces
    * Suitable for use by people with respiratory sensitivities
    * Safe for use on most surfaces (may etch some plastics)
    * Non-irritant – does not cause skin burns – safe to use around children and pets
    I first used this product about six years ago, removing a red graffiti tag from a brick boundary wall.
    Worked beautifully.

    It works equally well with hardened oil paint brushes. Handy to have in the garage for the 'oops' in life.

  • @dencal Thank you very much for the suggestion! This product sounds interesting, do you know what would be best for my use, Graffiti go or Home strip paint and varnish remover?

    @Kingston Thanks for the advice, but this time I think I'll opt for the easy way, at least try fixing it before redoing it as I'm quite happy with the rest of the painting.
  • ebs

    I'll wager that it's the same product packaged and marketed for different market segments. Read the web page or product package in store.

    I have only used the Graffiti Go and it was brilliant at getting spray paint off a brick wall and outstanding performance dissolving dried paint brushes.

    You might also have to restore the gesso and toning on the spot treatment.


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