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Framing software

Came across this framing software and find it pretty cool for basic determinations as to thickness, color, etc with your own work. Limited to under 3MB for the picture so quality is not high, but figuring out what works is great.

Once you choose your painting, you then select canvas, if appropriate and then enter the width. At that point you choose upload. Once uploaded you select the frames tab and choose from the vast number of frames to find what works. Enjoy.

Here is an example from my latest painting, I think the gold works pretty well.



  • Thanks. Very interesting and helpful. I have bookmarked this site.
  • Yep, helpful. With respect, Frankly I find the frame overpowering the art. I know what you're trying for but even the inner frame would suffice. Just one guys opinion.
  • jrbgolfs said:

    Limited to under 3MB for the picture so quality is not high […]

    If you use Photoshop's save for web and choose reasonable image dimensions, 3MB is plenty high. I never save outgoing photos anywhere close to that. But that limit is surely just the file size limit they set for your uploads, and they compress it heavily afterwards when they give you the image of it in the digital frame.

    Not really relevant to the discussion, just pointing it out. :)
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