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Mark's cute palette table design

SummerSummer -
edited June 2015 in Studio & Supplies

Hello folks--those of you building a studio. We are one more step closer to completion of our studio project with this palette table. The design is so cute, I just had to share it with you. You can see that it has Mark written all over it--ha ha. Enjoy.
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  • Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
    edited June 2015
    Very nice, love the brick shelf add on!!!
  • Mark, I got the idea to add the brick from when you used the same concept in both of your easel designs. Some ideas are just catchy if they are good! Thanks for the idea.
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  • This looks perfect Summer! I wish I had such a pallet table (I constantly fight glare like other people fight mosquitos...) :s How nice to watch you getting closer and closer to the first brush stroke... this must be an exciting time for you...!
  • @ EstherH Thanks for commenting. I think Mark will have palette tables for sale sometime in the future. I hope that you will purchase one and that the shipping costs won't be prohibitive to Switzerland. About the glare, fighting mosquitoes is a good analogy. Now every time I see glare I will think of mosquitoes--ha ha. I'm mixing paint to apply to the backs of the glass palettes now. I have six panels. I've been saving many years for this studio. Suze Orman says "Get the money first." And that's what I've done. It's plenty difficult enough even if you have the money first. The sculpture and photography part of building this studio come easy to me, it's the painting part that is and always has been difficult. That is why I'm a member of this forum. I know that I will get the necessary feedback here. I never had a method for painting. I've always painted all levels at once just guessing at each stroke of the brush with my artist's eye. It was always pretty scary. I don't want this level of fear anymore that things won't turn out right. I need a method for painting. I have enough experience now with paint to know that Mark's method works if I can just be patient. If I can paint each stage and not rush. We really are an anxious group of people, I believe, but in a good way. :) In two year's time I'm hoping to be as good as you! :)
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