• eBay had trouble locating the item for me to see when I clicked on the above link. Could someone let me in on this one? Thanks. Really curious, ha ha.
  • Yesterday's auction by Southeby's of Richard Schmid's "Oranges and Azaleas." Pre-auction estimate of $30-60K, bought by anon bidder for $130K.
  • Thanks Junebug. Amazing considering that he is still alive.
  • I am constantly amazed at what people will pay for art. The Picasso that just sold was outrageous. I love art and have a house full of it, but, I just don't get it. I guess it's a function of how much $$$ you need to spend before you die.
  • Junebug

    The Women of Algiers will not diminish in value, probably average 10%pa growth.

    When your income looks like two telephone numbers added together you can buy a painting, loan it to a museum, deduct the tax and the museum looks after security, conservation and insurance.

    After ten or twenty years pick your time to sell the painting for double the purchase price. If you do this with say fifty or a hundred paintings, sure some will be duds, but what a great store of value, all paid for by the public.

    Sounds like a great business strategy to me.

  • That's amazing. They're taking a chance on their investment going up in the future?
  • Ronna

    Australian research indicates that Auction art prices are only just below the growth in housing and stock prices by one or two percent.

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