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oil out the ground?

MeganSMeganS -
edited May 2015 in Painting
I'll be working on two florals that I have already been gessoed and put on the ground. It has been at least 4 months since I've done the first one. It is cotton canvas gessoed 4 times. The other one was prepared three weeks ago. That one is also cotton canvas factory primed twice.

The last painting I did recently was difficult to work with. The paint did not stick very well. The paint brush wouldn't lay down the color, but would pick up the color off the canvas and expose it to the ground. I wonder if it is because I didn't prepare the very dry ground? That particular painting was done on canvas panel that was gessoed 7 times (it had a really bumpy texture that I hated) with one coat of ground.

Do you suggest I reapply the ground? Do a wash before the drawing? Oil it out a little? Or do nothing?


  • @Kingston I did not use fixative. I do sand the gesso and wipe with a dry microfiber cloth before doing the burnt umber/fast drying white ground.

    I just felt a huge difference from "three rubies" to the portrait I just did. It felt different in a bad way. I was fighting the paint and support. Three rubies was gessoed, ground, and painted in 3 weeks. Maybe I need to streamline my process. Thanks Kingston for your input.
  • I'd like to know what you discover and how you resolve your problem--especially if you did not use any kind of oil first.
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