How I got into oil painting, new video...

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In this video I tell a little bit about myself and how I got into oil painting, what I have been up to etc.

You can watch it here:
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  • Interesting, thanks for sharing your journey. You asked for questions so here are a couple I was left thinking about after watching the video.

    You became a very accomplished and successful portrait painter but seem to have given it up, why?

    Portrait painting is a very challenging aspiration that many people seem to walk away from after putting in all the work to get there; do you have any suggestions or ideas for those who are interested in becoming a portrait painter that would help identify if it is the field for them?
  • This video brought me here, I did not know you were a portrait artist. Love you videos and thought I would check out the forum. I like your down to earth teaching style. :)
  • Great new video. Smart, fast and entertaining. As always excellent filming/cutting quality. This alone is a pleasure to watch. I just love the 'venetian red'-Sequence...
  • Very happy for your success. You life has been a very interesting journey. Is there more you can tell us about your studio furniture line that you are planning for the future?
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