Portrait of my son



  • wow this is beautiful and the composition is intriguing! And your painting technique is outstanding... I am impressed!
  • Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
    Fantastic!!! Love it!!!
  • so so great, i cant wait to get my materials and be as great as this
  • Wow! You have really captured something very special here … outstanding!!!
  • That is crazy good!!
  • Really well done!
  • Excellent painting! The texture of the fabric is amazing!
  • Really cool portrait! love the pose and the paper hat. <3
  • Everything about this painting and your work is off the charts excellent. Your son looks like his mother. Attitude--in a good way. Your work really moves me.
  • Love it. Good looking young man. You did an exemplary job.
  • I can't believe I missed this when it was first posted; I'm always on the lookout for a new PedroGlez! You always invest so much caring and passion in your pictures. From what you've said in the past I know that you strive to produce a reality that is beyond photography, and that really shows.
  • Love it! Wow, what cool guy :)
  • Wonderful work ! skin tones amazing :o
  • JimmyJimmy -
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    Pedro, You are a real artist. Can you describe your work process in some detail? Do you work from photographs? How do you use photographs - for under drawing only? How did you draw the figure? Proportional dividers only? The more explicit you can be the better. I took from your interview with Mark that you don't use photographs at all. Am I mistaken? You wrote in a comment:

    "March 2013 edited March 2013
    Mnsrc that's my direction in painting. I'm trying to use the photograph as a source of visual information ( instead of having a person posing for days), but I refuse to repeat it, the idea is to portrait the person not the photograph, I treat my paintings almost like a sculpture, we can do something that the camera can't, it is the chink in the camera armor, we should take advantage of it."

    Can you expand on this? How do you exploit the chink in the camera's armor in your methods of working using and/or not using photographs?
  • This is a great painting Pedro, I love everything about it!
  • I'm very sorry for any grammatical error I may have, English it is not my native language.
  • That was so very well-stated. And I think the way you look at, and think about things is apparent in your paintings. They are very thoughtful works. Are you entering any of them in shows? You could win prizes with them I think. They would be fantastic to see in person.

    I hope whatever is taking up your time is to your liking.

  • I think you stated a difficult concept in a very understandable way.
  • Wow! Its really a cute form of art. I love your neat and clean work it is hard to find difference between real picture or a painting.Pose, clothes all are different. Well done,Keep it up.
  • I love your painting, Pedro, very soulful and beautifully rendered
  • I love the composition of this painting so much! Really great work!
  • this is amazing. all my best colours i like in this painting. such good art. 
  • @PedroGlez Thanks for explaining your approach, Pedro. I agree that the painter sees more, or better, or more beautifully than the camera.  The camera just records colour and value in pixels without considering what is visually important from a human point of view or what is aesthetically pleasing to us. The painter uses photography merely as a starting point, a record of basic form and colour. The painters job is them to make something beautiful of it. And this what you do. I think your portrait of your son is one of the most beautiful paintings I've seen.

    Thanks for sharing it and your thoughts on painting.
    [Deleted User]BabyStepsKellyCanada
  • I'm at a loss for the right words to describe how I feel about your painting. It is simpliy exquisite.
  • This painting gives me goosebumps- in a good way.
  • Every time I log on to this forum to see new paintings , I am blown away with the talent of you artists here !! 
    Absolutely blown away !! 
    But  usually I manage to express how I feel about the particular painting. This time , though , there are no words. 
    'Stunning'  doesn't even do it justice. 
    So all I can say is WOW !!!!  WOW !!!! WOW !!  :)
  • I'm still looking at them !!  :)
  • You are simply astonishing.   You have given me an entirely different view of oil painting and have given me the spark to strive toward a higher level.  
  • I still cant believe my eyes u just made my day knowing that this quality of painting is reachable 
  • I love this painting!!!

  • Pedro--Just spotted this tonight as a new member, however, I am quite sure that I saw it somewhere else as well, as I recall being captivated.  Is it reproduced in Artist Magazine by chance? I subscribe and seems I spotted it there.
  • This painting has a real Norman Rockwell vibe.  Is that what you were shooting for?
  • this is the most perfect to me, this is a piece of art no doubt. Congratulation !!
  • Just perfect! Inspiring!
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    Well said, @tonybluegoat!
    This painting gives me goosebumps.
  • this painting is phenomenal

  • Amazing painting very natural,  and very good expression too
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