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Reds first step

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Hey everyone. i just started my first dmp method painting, and I am having some trouble with the darker reds in the asthma inhaler. I can match the mid tones with red and yellow, but when I try to start from the darkest color, I can't work my gradually to those tones. As soon as blue is added, the color gets muddy. In the videos, Mark always starts from black and works his way lighter, but Im having trouble mixing the first base color because I don't see any black and adding any blue seems to muddy the color up. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


  • Are there any colors that are darker than your black paint? If so, paint those black and work your way up from there.
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    Don't worry if a color looks muddy in isolation. Most will, except for colors in direct light. That's normal.

    Your darkest color looks like a very low chroma purple to me, but as you said, its not black. Start with black (which already has blue in it), match the value by adding some red, maybe a dot of white (which is also blue-ish). There's no yellow there.

    Matching a starting dark color can be hard, but usually its just a matter of mixing black and the local color of the object, i.e., if its an orange, there's a goof chance that your starting dark color is black with some red and yellow.

    P.S. Muddy is a relative term and describes how a color looks in the context of neighboring colors. It usually results from incorrect temperature, but you don't have to worry about that with this method.
  • Cool beans. Thanks for the advice everyone. With David and Martins advice I was able to match the color. I did have to use cadmium red though. Thanks again. And Kingston, I agree with you, subject is boring, but wanted to start simple.
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