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Partometer for iPad by VisTech Projects


Here is a useful app for shooting dimensional data over a photo or live image.

The procedure is to set a reference distance between two points, in this case the eyes.
(Everyone is different of course, but this app gives you any other dimension relative to this eye base. Males are usually 65mm and females 62mm).

The angle function tells me his jaw angle is 76 degrees.

A reference distance can also be set by placing a known object such as a credit card or standard letter in the frame on the same plane as the subject.

Enlargement or reduction in the dimensions can be achieved by manipulating the reference distance.
For example if I wanted a double size head portrait I would adjust the reference distance to 130 mm, or a half size portrait at 32.5 mm.

Images can be saved, printed, posted etc. the cost is $7


generated at 04.05.2015 14:15:07 AWST
using Partometer App for iOS
from VisTech.Projects LLC

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