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Number of views to posts.

edited January 2013 in Technical Support
Why do all the posts have their number of views ending in 1?
[Deleted User]


  • Haha… that's a good question! I'll look into it.
  • Another forum question, is there a place to see how many join?
  • You can see recent joins by clicking the Activity link on the right sidebar. As for overall numbers and stats, no.
  • @CharleyBoy

    I talked to the developers who made the software this forum is built on. Apparently this is not a glitch but a way of decreasing the load on servers. It doesn't actually update the view count until there are ten views, and since all discussions start with one view, it works out to the view count always reading x1, xx1, etc. I suggested that if they're going to do that, starting with 0 would look less funny.

    This is a sloppy solution on their part, I think, but it's not a big deal for now. On the whole I think this software is much better than the alternatives. We still have some broken features to fix though…
  • Well thanks for getting back David. It's not important, but it's nice to have an idea of what it's all about, weird as it sounds. I sure don't understand anything about software or servers, but their answer sounds lame to me--we're talking about simple addition. What sort of "load" could that create? (Rhetorical question--no need to answer). Thanks again. CharleyBoy
  • Danvid; What is the purpose of points and how do you get them ? Thanks
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