Colour In Your Life is going to America!


Over the past years I have linked several Colour in Your Life shows to the DMP Forum. It is a great program and displays the studio, works, talents and techniques of an artist completing a work and editing to present a 30 min show each week.

The invitation is open for American artists to get global exposure.

@David_Quinn_Carder this would be a great opportunity to get CIYL out to Austin.


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  • @dencal, I really enjoy this too !
  • bluenose

    Colour in Your Life already has limited broadcast on 'free to air' in the US and some cable channels.
    No doubt this will expand dramatically when the US artists are featured.
    It will also be distributed to UK and Europe, and is already in New Zealand.
    China also has limited broadcast.

    It will be interesting to see how the format changes. They could do with less of the motorcycle shtick.

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