Taking out wrinkles and blemishes

I did some photography for an older lady and she said she wanted some wrinkles and blemishes taken out. I thought maybe this tool would also work when painting a portrait from a photo, if you get the same request about blemishes, etc.

You pull up the photo in photoshop and use the Orton effect. The steps are listed at this site:

You can make the effect more or less extreme depending on preference.

Here is a photo of how I used the effect on a photo of the cutest granddaughter in the world.


  • I noticed that when I paint a portrait I tend to eliminate some of the details, and the eye of the viewer makes a summary also . It depends on what you want to do, but for a realistic effect, the use of these filters is not good (for me I mean!). However, the application is interesting.
    Thanks Sue
  • this is what the new princess portrait needed!
  • I agree with studioania, that I would not want to use filters if attempting to paint realistically, but even if you do want to use filters… if you're just trying to remove wrinkles and blemishes, rather than mess with colours and stuff, there are Photoshop filters for that. I believe there is a soft-focus filter, but the one I would try is called Surface Blur.
  • A lot of blemishes and wrinkles can easily be removed with Photoshop simply using the clone tool. Another thing I have noticed if, you want to paint realistically is I very often will lower the saturation and the contrast. It is almost impossible to say how much a photo needs as it depends on the photo and how contrasty or saturated the color is from reality. I tend to paint what many consider very colorful paintings, but trust me the colors are softened and grayed down a lot from what many of my photos look like. I do a lot of photography in late afternoon so I get warm light and nice deep shadows on landscapes and by the time what is naturally colorful becomes a photo, they look great,..... for a magazine, but are way to saturated for a painting that has an element of reality to it.

    I am using Photoshop CS4 and there is a filter called Vibrance in the adjustments and it will enhance color much like what we see here in the little girl Sue posted. I never use it for my purposes, but can see issues that would make it very handy to bring out the color better as in the example used here.
  • Another option is software from www.portraitprofessional.com
    The cost is about €25. It can take out all the wrinkles and imperfections without making the picture look hazy. You can do very little to your client's face, or give her a complete face lift! :))
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    I know that its different for commissions, but when I'm looking for people to sketch, its the wrinkles and blemishes that interest me.
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