Geneva Artists' Oil Color is now available!



  • @Lee It's something we have in the pipeline, but there's a lot of testing and experimenting left to do on that. We want it to be solvent-free and of course it needs to outperform everything on the market (one of our requirements for selling a product). First priorities are "power colors" and international availability.

    Cool, it sounds like you have plans for everything we could possibly need. Great work :)

  • I would be a steady customer of Lee's suggestion: "a canvas stain pre-mix for the sole purpose of staining canvases." Great idea.
  • Will the percentages be by weight or volume I have a digital scale so weight shouldn't be a problem
  • @Mark Carder,
    I want to thank you once again for all that you have done for all the painters out there, me included.
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    If the paint is relatively nontoxic as you explained and you don't have any solvents in your paint, wouldn't it safe to store the Geneva paints in a regular refrigerator or freezer with other foods? Assuming of course no SDM or other solvents are in the paints on my palette. And from what i am getting sounds like without the box, then plastic wrap is needed to be applied to the palette...or is that just  if going in the freezer ..   Especially when I build the airtight box form thebigsky guy,  i don't see the issue. 
  • Could these be taken on an airplane?
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    FJGC said:
    Could these be taken on an airplane?
    While there is no reason Geneva paint shouldn't be allowed to fly with you (they are not hazardous for transport or in general), reason does not always enter into the actions of airline security and customs agents, so Geneva can't guarantee anything. This is true for other oil paint manufacturers as well.

    If you decide to try to fly with the paint anyway, the consensus seems to be that when talking to customs/security officers, if possible you should NOT call it "oil paint", or ever use the word paint. Instead, refer to it as "artists' color made with vegetable oil". And by the way, the paint labels do not actually contain the word "paint" anywhere on them.
  • When will it be available to Singapore 😭 it’s 4years already 🤣
  • I recommend sending your question straight to the source: [email protected]
  • Maybe he can get it from New Zealand 
  • Because Geneva Oil paints use artist grade Linseed Oil and Linseed oil can combust in rags or paper towels (Linseed Oil wiki page quote: "Rags soaked with linseed oil stored in a pile are considered a fire hazard because they provide a large surface area for oxidation of the oil, which oxidizes quickly.") should we be concerned about oily paper towels starting on fire?

    I cannot find a link to the SDS/MSDS sheets on Geneva paints. Does anyone have a link to their documents?

    I have sent an email to [email protected] but they have not had a chance yet to reply. I just sent my email this morning.

    I do have two sets of Geneva artist oils and I do love them!
  • Keep rags and paper towels in a closed metal can until you dispose of them. The oxidation process is very unpredictable and can take several hours to several weeks. Conversely oil soaked rags left outdoors in the open rarely combust because the air currents keep them to cool to build up heat.
  • Thanks for the advice, Bob!

    I do have a metal, Safety trash can delivering today from Amazon. There is a section of concrete available to me (outdoors) that will allow me to spread my rags out after using them that I will start using before I dispose of the rags/paper towels at my reclaiming site.

  • HwyStar

    Half fill your safety can with water. All you need do is prevent heat accumulation.


  • I did get the MSDS/SDS sheets from Geneva today and all seems well to me. The sheet does not mention spontaneous combustion in the fire section as a concern so I am satisfied. Thanks, Mark!

    Nothing to see here... Move along... 
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