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a short video on how I like to organize my palette

We'll be posting these kinds of videos more regularly soon. :)

Here's the new video:
dencal[Deleted User]EstherHrgrAlbertoIrishcajun


  • Mark, loved the video. I too had a bulb come on when you mentioned mixing across colors of the same value.

    Last night I spent hours and hours culling and organizing things in my art room (is it considered wrong for an artist to call their space a studio if they aren't selling their work?) ... and it occured to me when looking at my work that almost all of it looks 'dead'. Why? Little to no change in values.

    In your experience is there much difference, cost-wise, between the loss of paint from pre-mixing colors to get exact matches, and losing paint by mixing on the fly?
  • A lightbulb went on for me too. I also have an "art room", and wonder if I can even call myself a "painter", or just a hobbyist who plays with paint. :)
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