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Reference Photos for Landscape, Still Life and Portrait Videos

I recently purchased the videos by Mark. The still life, portrait and landscape.
Does someone know if reference photos are available to download somewhere for those three videos?
I wanted to try out painting those before I try my own photos. But I don't know the measurements of the paintings and as mentioned before, I do not know if there are high quality photos available for download.
Regards and thanks for your help.
Marc Sokolean


  • No, we do not have those available. The still life was done from life, the portrait was done a long time ago and we no longer have the files, and I don't think we have the landscape anywhere either.

    I do not think it helps to do the same subject he did. A lot of people ask for this, I guess because other artists do it with their instruction, but the method works for anything so there's really no reason to do a copy. Someone asked a similar question recently and some advice was given, if you want to have a look:
    [Deleted User]Martin_J_Crane
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