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Had to share this outstanding example of a great composition, color, texture,edge etc.

Just turning the page in my local financial press (Australian Financial Review April 11, 2015 p36) and it grabbed my eyes.

Jessica's link was down for maintenance. I'll try later.

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  • @Dencal, Hi Denis, I was doing a little catchup here looking at posts I missed, and came across this post of yours. The photo is brilliant, great colour and energy. This would be great to paint...but would you paint it just because you liked the photo, even though it probably would not sell, or would you, or anyone else, not bother painting it but look at the photo from time to time ?
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    I would paint this in a heartbeat. It just ticks all the boxes. For me it's more in the way of an inspirational theme that gets the creative spirit working.

    I posted a video link last week about an artist who was describing how his million dollar art business works. One of his takeaway gems was the production of thematic series in paintings, in his case the oil and gas industry, he makes most of his income from that market segment. (what a coincidence you should pick that photo I posted).

    jbrgolfs is on to this with his thematic golf course series. Hundreds of golfers would love to buy these, in fact one of the forum members wants one.

    The sniper painting by Thiago.nunesousa will be a hot seller with the military.

    Phil Couture series on Geisha is outstanding and will be in great demand.

    Urban landscapes that capture the look and feel of a city will resonate with the folk who want to have a touchstone of their memories on the wall.

    What oil and gas company wouldn't want a 1x2m oil painting of this theme in their reception area or boardroom. Perth is the service airport for substantial oil and gas industry on the North West Shelf and there are probably a dozen places at the Perth Airport that would want similarly themed works.


  • Such a strong image. I too would be tempted to copy it, but, I told myself a long time ago to only use images that I took myself, and have stuck to that.
    One piece that I painted of a tree at the Grand Canyon, later I saw the same shot in AZ, Hiways. But, looking closely their photo was from a slightly different perspective, about 4 or 4 degrees.
  • @Dencal.. wow,...great [email protected] Ron..FWIW, years ago I climbed down icy rocks to a cold water pool in North Granby, CT, took a very nice photo, had it developed by some pharmacy. A couple of years later while traveling, I found my photo as a post card in a rack. Appears someone had liked it and made a copy before I got my prints. Protect your work I say...and how would someone else like that if I did that to them. So I'm with ya.
  • @some, thanks good report. Do you include a small copyright symbol on your work? It may not count for much in today's world, but it's something.
  • @dencal, thanks for the long reply. I think I will paint stuff that I really like even if no one buys it. It is difficult to sell paintings in Ireland since the recession, also as I am not known. I have a lovely photo taken at a quayside, ropes, chains, reflections in water. I live beside the sea, everyone does in Ireland ! A fellow amateur artist said of the photo"no one will know what it is and they won't want chains etc on their wall" Thanks for the encouragement.' I have only done one Oil Marks way, I continue to paint W/C because I can do it in the kitchen. My Husband is ill a lot of the time and I feel like I am deserting him if I go out to the little studio I made myself. Just realised I can attach a photo to this so here goes !
  • @marieb This is a beautiful picture. Composition/color everything. I like it a lot. Makes people far from the sea dream about big ships and rusty harbours (I am in love with rust of any kind....). I think you are doing the right thing by painting whatever you really like! I would love to see some of your W/C!
  • Great photo, I would sorta vignette it rather than have that - no never mind, there are many ways to create art and what ever you choose to make it work is the best way for you to go.
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