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I changed my id pic and will introduce everyone to Tippy I-Lean. She is my little girl. A rescue Shih tzu from a puppy mill. She had a crushed left front leg that had to be removed. They had dumped her off to a rescue lady and we adopted her. She is the most loving, gentle creature. Puppy mills should be against the law! That's my soap box for the day. I think she may be my next portrait
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  • What about telling us a bit more about yourself, Gary?

    (Sorry if you have already done that in another post... it's hard to keep up with everything/everyone.)
  • Proud of you Gary!
    Liz did a great thing as well after the horrible tornado in Joplin a while back. So many dogs abandoned or lost after that terrible storm. I think she adopted 3 of them. Not sure if the one she is holding in her picture is one of them or not.
  • Just shy of 65. Schooled in accounting, business, criminal justice. Worked as a salesman, cop then 30 years in plastics, I was taken by The Graduate movie. Remember the line, plastics young man. Married, two boys. One an Army Ranger, multiple tours and one a mountain guide in Alaska. Go to Alaska and I can hook you up. Started painting in mid life. Self taught. Also like to fly but no medical right now. Live in Southern Ohio. Have searched for a style of painting that worked for me. Have tried to be loose and painterly and always go back to the details. Its the accounting that's at fault. Have a house boat on the Ohio for summers, Ski and then go to Florida for the winter. Life is good. I have been blessed and I really enjoy this forum and all the super folks I am getting to know. Thanks for asking Vangie. :P :[email protected]
  • Thanks, Gary gfish. I can relate to accounting and the tendency for detailed drawing/painting.
  • Oh, she's so cute. What an adorable name.
  • I still have 3 tornado survivors but the photo is me with my best friend's English bulldog puppy. Just thought they were so dang cute!
  • I guess from what you said you took in some lost survivors. That is so great. Good for you.
  • Yes, there were hundreds of lost and homeless animals after the Joplin tornado. I had 4 wander up to my office in Joplin that I did my best to find their family and reunite them but did not. Many people just believed their pet was dead or had no home to take them to if they did find them. I found a home for one where she lives on a farm with two boys that love her to pieces. Two live here at our concrete plant and spend their days laying around in the shop being petted and pampered by many men. One was an injured poodle cocker spaniel mix that ended up having to have 3 surgeries and spent a month at the vet before they got him fixed up. He is my constant companion now and spoiled even more rotten than the other 3! The only issue we have is I can't take him to the car wash...he freaks out! Must be the closest thing to a tornado to him so I just drive a very dirty car. :x
  • Good for you. I think it is great that you were willing to give of your time and money to help them. My little dog was in a puppy mill as I mentioned and she is scared to death of extension cords and water hoses. You can only imagine the reasons. I worked as a law enforcement officer and had to deal with many difficult situations that will vex your spirit but I do not know how anyone can hurt a defenseless innocent creature. There I go again on my soap box. My apologies.
  • I just hate doggie mills! I have a friend that rescued a Maltese that was only 5 and had lost all his teeth and had nothing but fear for humans after spending his life being abused and kept in a cage. It took months of love a patience and he is becoming socialized and is a very sweet little dog that loves to be held and is playing with toys and other dogs now. My poor little tornado survivors were much better off than any puppy mill rescue.
  • Hi gfish....gotta love that inclination to paint've joined the right forum..welcome! Hope to see more of your work posted soon!
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