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A Startling New Approach To Painting Realistic Paintings


This is billed as A Startling New Approach To Painting Realistic Paintings

Looks like an interesting approach to get the mass shapes and tones right before concentrating on the minor aspects that preoccupy the (inside out) detail artists.

Interested in any comment you make.



  • One of my biggest hurdles is to avoid the details before getting the big shapes down correctly. I know what I should do--but sometimes I just don't do it. That said, I think that its part of my education to get over that tendency, whether I'm in the studio or sketching outdoors. I would rather overcome this by squinting because I can squint anywhere.
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    Thank you for the thoughtful response. From the outset the "natural" method of learning to draw seems to favor detail, contour, measurement, proportion and perspective. (Garry must be on to his second foot by now.) Drawing aids such as grids, lattice, thirds, golden ratios, something of the rectangle, PDs, etc all seem to build a box favouring details at the expense of the tonal masses.
    This is part of the "sometimes I just don't do it" problem. We build such a comfort zone with detail, there is a huge disincentive to take a different approach.

    I was very impressed with the results illustrated in the link and have resolved to give it a go.

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  • On the note, I'm working on "big shapes before details" the really old fashioned way right now--a cast study. Eventually it will be a painting.
    Castillo[Deleted User]
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    Thanks, Kingston. This is just the drawing outlining the big shapes that I will transfer over to the canvas as an underdrawing for the painting.
  • Anybody knows what is spray painting medium?
  • Momentos

    A spray painting medium is any liquid used to thin acrylic paint to a sprayable consistency.


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