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Giclee Prints

Hey everyone, a friend of mine is interested in buying a print of one of my paintings. I've heard about giclee prints - do people get one-offs or would I be expected to order a whole lot?


  • dencaldencal -
    edited March 2015

    Yes the majority of orders are for one print. Examination of pricing from suppliers are based on one offs. Doesn't seem to be any discounts for quantity orders, though no doubt could be negotiated.
    Here in Aust. A 16x24 is A$130. Quality canvas,Epson inks etc.

  • Ok thanks Denis - that's helpful to know. The prices wont be too dissimilar here in New Zealand.
  • Kingston - what do you mean about the actual cost being $20? Denis says he thinks it's about $130?
  • Oh yes I see what you're saying :) It is an expensive area to get into. I'm not sure what to do. I guess if people want prints, then I'll tell them the cost & if it's too expensive, they'll have to make that call. :)
  • Too true Kingston.
    That's a sweet looking dog!! I hope you do sell some mugs - the life of an artist has many twists and turns. I guess the main thing is that we enjoy creating our artworks. I really believe the world needs artists to put some beauty and order back into the chaos and darkness all around us. Keep up the good work Kingston - good art matters!
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