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A warm hello to everyone from Slovenia

My name is Tanja, I'm 36 years old, married with 2 kids and I live in a small village in Slovenia. Painting is my whole life love, a time and space of joy and happiness.
I feel really privileged to found Mark and his great method on You Tube 3 years ago. I think many would agree that he is not only a Master painter but also an excellent teacher. I'm so grateful that he is openly sharing his knowledge and so helping many of us amateurs to progress on our artistic way.
Since then, I'm following his instructions as much as I can and try to incorporate them in my painting. I must say, it took me quite a long time to build my studio equipment which Mark suggests and to make it somehow work for me. After that I made 4 paintings with this technique, waited for them to be varnished, somehow bought a decent DSLR camera, learn basics of photography and now I'm finally here :)
Hopefully I will post the photos of my first works in »Post Your Paintings« section soon, so please check them out. Your comments are very welcome.

With best wishes to everyone & God bless you all, from Slovenia with Love, Tanja


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