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New Painting: The Scarlet Fringe (Haru)

"The Scarlet Fringe (Haru) - 11" x 14" oil painting

Here is another addition to my "Scarlet Fringe" series, which is basically a series of paintings showing maiko (apprentice geisha) viewed from behind. I painted it in one sitting "alla prima" based on several photos I took. The seasons are very important in Japanese culture and a maiko's kimono changes based on the time of year or if there is a special event. Here we see Maiko Tomitae from the Gion Higashi district in Kyoto in a Haru (Spring) themed kimono. I saw her perform in April 2014 in Kyoto. The nape of a maiko's neck is painted white except for a V section which is said to resemble a serpent's tongue and is traditionally left unpainted to accentuate the eroticism associated with a Japanese woman's neck.

Available at:
CastilloMartin_J_Cranedencalswisscot[Deleted User]jrbgolfs[Deleted User]Silke[Deleted User]Carmel


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