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How do you like to frame your paintings?

Whether you do it yourself, or have it done, I would be very interested to know the different ways you are framing your work.
Materials, color, matted or not, etc. I think this would be useful for us all. As for me, I have a stack of work that I have done for myself that I am finally going to frame.


  • For oil paintings always open frame and no matting. I like the frame to be at least two inches wide and I try to choose something that picks up on a color or pattern used in the painting.
  • edwardedward -
    edited March 2015
    Thanks, Martin_J_Crane and martenvisser. I've only begrudgingly considered the framing aspect of painting, considering it a distraction, and expensive as well. Since I've only painted for myself I haven't framed anything. I recently had an epiphany that framing would be a very creative and fun aspect, so I've decided to do it myself, and wanted to get some input from others before starting.
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