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Second Sargent Charcoal Drawing

Attached is the second drawing I did of a what I thought was a Sargent charcoal portrait. Unfortunately, my original black and white reference photo mislead me. It is actually an oil painting Sargent did of a Bedoin. So the mediums are different. I included a few progress photos this time.

If looks OK, I think I would like to try a painting next. I think each one will improve.

I like the idea that Denis brought up on a different topic of doing some timed drawings to improve overall. It would help I think with knowing when to stop, and capturing the basic image quickly. Here I stopped at what I would call 95%. I could keep making adjustments but each change seems to cause the need for more.

Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome. I am treating it all as learning.
[Deleted User][Deleted User]Ronnadencal
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