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Accessing Greater Minds - Think and Grow Rich

AmritAmrit -
edited January 2013 in General Discussion
I'm going to push the boat out a bit here and risk all kinds of criticism, but hey, this is a forum and I love to share things which have helped me grow, even if they are bizarre.

I read this book about a year ago by a guy called Napolean Hill called Think and Grow Rich. Andrew Carnegie (the richest guy in America at the time - in the 1930s) instructed Napolean Hill to research successful people. By successful people I'm talking about Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and many more. Several decades later there is a Napolean Hill foundation, funded by people who have donated parts of their businesses, saying it was Napolean Hills research (which I think took 30 years) that helped them achieve greater success than they could possibly have imagined.
So you get the idea, this is no nut job make a fast buck book and one that has helped improve the lives of those who have applied it.

Now there's a chapter in the book, Chapter 14 - The Sixth Sense. This talks about what would appear to be a bizarre concept. Napolean would hold meetings in his mind with council members where he would be the head. In his team he had Emerson, Paine, Edison, Darwin,Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon (the French leader), Ford, and Carnegie. If he had a particular piece of work he was stuck on he used to give it to the council to deal with, and all behold the council members used to offer their advise. He said the members could be living or deceased, it didn't matter.

So I tried this with Da Vinci, when I was painting. Afterall why not access the master, and I received advise which I hadn't thought of, such as colour mixing on the canvas to darken or lighten a colour whilst the paint was wet. It's just like talking to yourself, but instead you are actively talking to Da Vinci, or whoever else you want to talk to. And if you listen and let go you'll hear in your mind a response, a thought, and in this way you can have a discussion.

I was brought up with the saying that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, but reading what Napolean Hill bravely published, he had taken the madness label off this practise.

If you can get past the fear of madness, then this is potentially a hugely beneficial technique.


  • Amrit, I love that. I have believed in this for many years. If you can just relax and let the answers come and listen, many solutions will come to you. I think it was Einstein who would go to sleep with a problem unsolved and then wake up with the answer. I have found that when I am mixing colors, if I look at a color and wonder now what would I mix to match that color? Sure I can ask is it more red? Is it more blue? etc. But often I can just feel what colors I need to mix to get it. Interesting stuff!
  • I firmly believe in the sixth sense and every time that I haven't heard it only troubles ...
    However, there are different ways of looking at it I for example (I already said) I have never been enrolled in any forum and now here I am ... my little voice told me see better... look beyond....and to make her happy, I've seen all ytube Mark's videos without any pause!
    Just for tell you this ... it does not matter then if the right board come out from the little voice in your brain or by Mark's voice!
    We are 99% instinct and if we do not distract from the external environment the answers come out and how! :)
  • Hey, Amrit, I'd try anything to be able to paint something I'd be very proud of.
    Got the book sitting amongst the ones I've yet to read... it's now moving to the top...
  • In the book they recommend setting up a group and talking through each chapter. I did this about a year ago but the group didn't last. However one of the members, a marketing friend told me his business has been thriving since he's been applying the book. He even had to turn business away as it was more than he could handle.

    We used to do it over skype. Hey, maybe if we get enough of us together we could read the book a chapter at a time and set up our own group. I'm happy to organise if there's enough interest. We only need about 10 people although 5 people are ample to start this off.
  • Great stuff Sue. We'll need to organise a time which suits us all. It shouldn't take longer than an hour, although often can as ppl get talking, and the talks get really interesting.

    I'm based in the UK. Currently I can do Sundays, or weekday evenings after 9pm. Perhaps I should start a new thread for this and see who is up for it.
  • okay sounds good... I'm often up during the night and checking my calendar, I having nothing scheduled until August.
  • ok, set up a new thread. Well welcome onboard Sue! Looking forward to this.
  • me too, and since I've been called crazy before there's no need to stop now, the best way for me to access the higher self has been to listen to Bashar which I have been doing since the 80's.
  • Don't you think that it is simply after a good night's sleep that Einstein was the solution, after his brain has stored all the information and reflections of the day?

    Which would have been able to come him blow the solution since it was the most intelligent Albert?

    It draws on all of those who surround us, we are the sum of the knowledge of the people before us, we sometimes learn without even realizing

    The sixth sense is an intuition, for example that a meeting is going to be good or other...

    Do you really think that Leonardo has just the solution raise you in your mind?
    Frankly if he can, I want to outright until he gives me his talent and if Albert go through it, it is brain open so he put all his knowledge
    I do not want to hurt you but it seems... weird and a bit dangerous also?
  • Christel, do not worry, you are not hurting me. No one knows for sure I don't think but there are many interesting questions to ponder. I am always wondering about these things and like hearing what others have to say. I like what you say about we are the sum of the knowledge of the people before us. That feels so true. And the ones who follow us will have our knowledge. Yes, it may be weird because many people do not think of these things like some do, but dangerous? No. I don't feel like it is dangerous at all. Just interesting and fun.
  • Christel, it's not for everybody. Let's just say I've had some weird experiences in my life and have learnt to overcome my fears. I'd say if it scares you then don't do it because in my experience fear attracts fear and you can end up spiralling downwards.

    Fear can be an acronym for false evidence appearing real. Yet fears affect can grip us till we shake and are frozen. I don't do fear.

    The simplest way to think of it is this. If we talk to ourselves, or even talk to God, here instead we are talking to the essence which was known as Leonardo, and I can hear him in my mind. Of course, this is all taking place in my mind. It is not real as such. However the access I gain whilst talking to Leonardo has suprised me. It's literally like thinking out of the box.
  • tjstjs -
    edited January 2013
    In an interview I think it was in Rolling Stone, they asked Paul McCartney how he was able to write so many hit songs.

    He said it was because he had faith in the fact that if he asked that it would just come to him. So when he sat at his piano composing a new song, he'd hit a few chords and just had total faith that the rest would follow. In other words "he just let it be" :)

    I read the lyrics to that song and although it's about times of trouble, it sounded to me like he used that same idea for his music. He just asked for help and without question believed it would come to him.

    Was he connecting to past composers like you are talking about here Amrit? I don't know. But what an interesting topic!

    I did this once and I posted it on google+ about asking my dad for help in finding a method for painting. Was this just random luck? Or something else at work. I don't know.

    Gotta go get that book!
  • tjs off topic but I just saw your paintings on your blog and am totally blown away. I hope when I get good with TCM I can paint as well. Your work is so beautiful.
  • tjstjs -
    edited January 2013
    Sue you are so kind. Believe me I didn't do anything special but follow Mark's method. I did work really hard and followed exactly what he said from his first DVD. Your paintins are awesome right now :)

    Mrking thanks for the PDF link. I am going to read this!

    Amrit would you consider what he did like channeling? Cause I really don't want to end up drawing some weird spirit guy into my house. I'm already weird enough :))
  • mrking got it, thank you - tjs you are so welcome. I too am working really hard to follow exactly what he says as best I can with limited space, so here goes.
  • I read this book a long time ago and I think I still have it somewhere in storage. Fantastic book. I am in also Amrit, if you decide to do this. The imaginary council to resolve painting issues (or any other) is not a "weird" thing to do, as it is just a way of accessing your subconscious. Our mind is a wondrous thing. There are many things that are stored in there. During our lifetimes we see, hear or read something, then we forget. There are many things to absorb in all of Marks teachings as well as other artists and books we have read. Just a way of rebooting the mind to access those things when we are "stuck" just staring at the canvas.

    I also believe in things beyond our knowledge, but that is another discussion for another forum completely.

    **Thanks for the pdf mrking. Will download and reread.
  • TJ, I still hate the Beatles....just sayin' >:D<
  • LizONeal said:

    TJ, I still hate the Beatles....just sayin' >:D<

    :)) :))
  • VangieVangie -
    edited January 2013
    Thanks, mrking. It's good to have it as an e-book, so that I can highlight/annotate sections... also take it with me anywhere in my iPad.
    I don't normally like messing up, writing on, highlighting on my good books.
  • Gary said:

    Come on Liz! Did you have 'a hard day's night'? Maybe 'a shot of rhythm and blues' would make you feel better. If not perhaps something sweet, like 'a taste of honey '. It will help you to 'act naturally'. Remember 'all you need is love', it helps you feel better 'any time at all'. 'All I've got to do' now is get you to go with TJ on a 'magical mystery tour, maybe on a 'yellow submarine'?! You could sing a long with the 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', then again if you heard TJ sing, you'd beg her to 'let it be'. Please remember 'all things must pass', you will recall the good times with TJ gallery hopping. Remember? 'Ain't she sweet'? We need to 'come together' otherwise you will just be 'crying, waiting, hoping' for the next post from TJ. What's wrong with one little Beatles reference in her post? After all it could have been much worse!! :D

    I nominate Gary for the clever award from this post!

  • Amrit, thanks for the insight. I have to read to the book. Can't wait to see the outcome on your next piece.

    Mrking thanks so much for download.

    Gary, you are truly something =))
  • Just last week I had Napoleon Hills book Outwitting the devil put on my list. Coincidence? What does coincidence mean? I think there is no coincidence it all has to happen anyway....
    I also watched an interesting interview with Robert Scheinfeld, where he was talking about how we can dissolve the block inside of us which keeps us from being happy. Very interesting stuff...another one on my list.
    Another one is Gay Hendriks The master seat of conscious creation.
    Here is a little sneak peek

    and the list gets longer and longer..... :)
  • myc, it will be great to have you on board and join in, if you're up for it.
  • Coincidence comes from the word, coincide, when two lines overlap one another. What's interesting is how we have changed the meaning of something which has nothing to do with randomness to be something which is totally random. Just a point.
  • ah... but is it really random?
  • I've been listening to the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsche. An amazingly inciteful trilogy. In book 1 "God" says there is no randomness, everything is purposefully created by us collectively or individually through our thoughts. Equally God says that nothing has meaning. It just is what it is and when we try and find meaning we often are on a wild goose chase. I'll try and look up the page to get the full context as it's just my thwarted interpretation.
  • So it isn't random! Just as I thought. I read that book and I liked it.
  • Got the books a long time ago but have never managed to finish Book 1. I think one has to be ready to read it.
    I did enjoy, however, watching the film later on ... a few times, btw.
  • VangieVangie -
    edited January 2013
    myc said:

    Just last week I had Napoleon Hills book Outwitting the devil put on my list. Coincidence? What does coincidence mean? I think there is no coincidence it all has to happen anyway....

    I remember reading 'The Celestine Prophecy' many years ago ... it mentions about synchronicity or the belief that coincidences have a meaning that is personal to those who experience them (can't remember which Insight). The lesson I got from that is that when we do experience a 'coincidence' in whatever form, we need to take action immediately, as there usually is a meaning or message behind it (or something like that), otherwise that moment is gone and may never happen again... something like 'lost opportunity'. The underlying meaning or message may probably occur anyway without the involvement of the receiver, depending on what it is... and it's possible that the receiver may find out about its significance much later (or maybe not at all).
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