True Color


This is a really useful little app called
True Color
I haven't tested the accuracy of the results yet, but assuming they are ok this is a useful palette builder when analysing photographs.

I have asked Snickerdoodle to save the percentage figures to the favorites screen along with the saved swatches. They agreed to consider it in the next update.



  • Martenvisser

    I couldn't agree more. Always best to improve human skills.

    This app is pretty primitive and simplistic, but it is an inexpensive method of exploring color mixing and getting an approximation for a colour or a value. I tend to build piles of mud from time to time.

    I would love to see an optional burnt umber in there.

    This is the sort of app Winsor and Newton should develop. The runaway success of True Color may stimulate such efforts.

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    i like the idea but the debate, ongoing, is what colors are the primaries? in printing i used a very expensive analyzer to balance color derived from cmyk. it worked and when we got better screening (dots) we got even better printing. after the reformulations that changed inks forever, it took awhile, and it's happening to paint too. there is always a debate about paint color and one chap addressed it with a special color wheel and the munsel followers have one too. last i searched there isn't a dead on primary. in printing ink our formulas were by weight. in oil painting how does one mix 28% of any color? its volume i think and its still a good guess that leads me to believe it may shorten the path but the mix still goes to the check for accuracy. it looks like a time saver that tool does. me thinks me gets one for my iPad. nice find Denis. downloaded and i'm looking into it.
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    Just mix colors with Mark's workflow for a few days… it's really not that hard to mix a color. You get faster quickly with practice. I just walked out of a room with a bunch of people who had never done it before as of two days ago, and they're picking it up quick. So can anyone who just sits down and does it without overcomplicating the process.
    rgr[Deleted User]
  • Nice debate but change is necessary to improve human skills. Well this app sounds interesting. I would definitely love to use it.
  • Folks

    Bin foolin around with these ipad apps:

    Palettes Pro*
    True Color
    Pastel HD
    Doodley Moore
    Cast Drawing
    Phi Colors

    I have not looked closely at even half of these titles yet. It's a jungle out there. Check out this page for 100 best apps.

    The three marked with an * seem to be good value.

    Palettes Pro grabs about 25 values from a photo and lays out a palette showing % components, can be saved, printed, shared etc.

    iPastels is a realistic rendering and mixing of pastel media on the ipad screen. Worth a look.

    Sketji is a cute sketch program that draws with an ink brush pen varying line weight with speed.

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