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which of these 2 cameras

I noticed on one thread that M.Carder said his next camera would be a Sony NEX 7 but on the photography page the recommendation is an Olympus OMD, Im currently shooting with a SONY lumix DMC FZ30 With Leica glass and a fixed 12X lens and 10 mega pixels.It is slow but has manual settings and the ISO tops out at 400 not 800 like Mark would prefer. This camera has served me well as a professional watercolorist but I think oils and portraiture might require more a better set up. Any thoughts from those with an opinion is welcome.


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    edited January 2015
    Mark refers to me for camera/photography info and purchase decisions, and I wrote the photography guide very recently, so rely on that and let me know if you have any questions. Don't get discouraged if it seems complicated — just take a lot of notes if you need to and ask me as many questions as you need. Being able to take good photographs is an extremely useful skill to have.
  • DQC,Thank you for your response. Do you think sticking with the Lumix and the limited ISO of 400 will be a hindrance for quality images using a manual setting or should Imove to better tech.
  • I can answer in full tomorrow, but in short, the camera is a decade old. There are lots of reasons to get a new one (forget what Mark said about ISO though, not sure where he said what but it was probably a generalization). Old things aren't always bad, but digital cameras have not aged well, certainly not over that length of time.
  • DQC, Sorry to bother you one more time, but of the Olympus Mark suggest or the Sony NEX 7 which would be the better choice for a professional portrait painter, in your opinion. Thanks in advance for your opinion.
  • Get the Olympus. Once you have it, let me know (either a public post here or you can email me at [email protected]) and I can send you some instructions for changing the settings to make it easier to use. A few people in the portrait workshop we're wrapping up right now bought this camera and I got to play with it and it really is a nice camera, although it does help to change a few settings to make it easier to use in my opinion.

    For general photography and portrait painting, the 14-42mm lens that usually comes with the camera is adequate for head-and-shoulders or three-quarter-length portraits. For full-length portraits (which I don't recommend starting off with), you will want to get the 40–150mm lens (which may also come as an option depending on where you purchase it).

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'm normally more available but we've been extremely busy with this workshop and Geneva stuff all at once!
  • DQM, Thank you ! I will let you know when I make the purchase.
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