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Accident - Titanium White SD Medium

Greetings, I accidently added 2oz additional linseed to a halved titanium white SD medium recipe, i.e. 5pts mineral spirits, .5 pts stand oil, 2.5 pts linseed, 2.5 pts venice, & 1 pt clove = 11.5 total plus the 2 extra. The logical fix would be to increase everything but the linseed up to the full recipe(23 oz) EXCEPT I ran out of the venice terps.
1) Is my mistake acceptable?
2) What can I use as a substitute for the venice terps?
3) If the defunct recipe can't be salvaged, what are other uses for it?


  • paintfork

    I suggest you increase everything up to the full recipe. No point in wasting expensive ingredients and not achieving the expected effect. SDM keeps for years in airtight bottles, so don't worry about having too much.

    Don't go for substitute VT (just adding cost and risk), just get some more real VT when you can.


  • I am going to try this modified SDM for Titanium recipe to see if this solves the problem. You may want try it yourself, those of you that are having problems:

    10 parts odorless mineral spirits
    7 parts cold-pressed linseed oil (artist-grade refined linseed oil may be substituted)
    3 parts Venice turpentine
    2 parts oil of cloves *

    In addition, I am going to grind my own Titanium White, with about ten percent zinc, in pure cold pressed linseed oil. I want to see how that performs.

    Looking back to Mark's March 2013 modified titanium SDM at 7 parts linseed, I might be OK. I will be mixing the SDM with the Michael Harding titanium white. Anybody agree?
  • You are fine, no big deal.
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