Permanent Alizarin Crimson Hue or Alizarin Crimson ?

Hi Everyone, I am wanting to clarify prior to sending my order.... In purchasing W&N Permanent Alizarin Crimson the supplier has this product listed as a hue, they also have an other Alizarin Crimson that is not a hue, however the word Permanent is not in the name. Which one is the better to purchase ? I typically would stay away from anything with hue in the title if color mixing in acrylics as a hue always results in a hodge podge of wasted paint. - thanks Karen


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    This is the one you need, make sure it says "PERMANENT", "ARTISTS' OIL COLOUR" and "PERMANENCE A" on it. The other Alizarin has a Permanence B rating.



    Terms Explained

    This is the name of the colour. These are not necessarily unique to a range or medium, e.g. Cerulean Blue exists in Water Colour and Oil Colour.

    This code is a number that is given to each of the colours. This is mainly used as a reference by retailers and in our catalogues but it can also help you to find the right colour when buying your colour

    T/O - Transparency/Opacity
    Transparent colours are marked ‘T' and semi-transparent ‘ST'. Opaque colours are marked ‘O' and semi-opaque ‘SO'. Transparency however, is relative and the ratings are provided as a guide only. In addition, any thin film of colour will appear more transparent than a thicker one.

    The permanence of an artists' colour is defined as ‘its durability when laid with a brush on paper or canvas, graded appropriately and displayed under a glass frame in a dry room freely exposed to ordinary daylight and an ordinary town atmosphere'.

    In simpler terms, their resistance to change when exposed to light and the atmosphere. Winsor & Newton ratings take into consideration the following factors; the natural passage of time, accelerated tests for lightfastness and binder stability, combined with results from pigment manufacturers' testing, making our permanent ratings the most stringent in the industry.
    AA - Extremely Permanent
    A - Permanent
    B - Moderately Durable
    C - Fugitive
    For further information on some colours, the rating may include one or more of the following additions:
    (i) ‘A' rated in full strength may fade in thin washes
    (ii) Cannot be relied upon to withstand damp
    (iii) Bleached by acids, acidic atmospheres
    (iv) Fluctuating colour; fades in light, recovers in dark
    (v) Should not be prepared in pale tints with Flake White, as these will fade
    (vi) ‘A' rated with a coating of fixative
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