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how young is too young to play with artist materials?

edited January 2015 in Off-Topic Discussion
he's two as of 1-15. been walking since 9 months, playing music since 1. he reads books and magazines and speaks many languages. he is ambidextrious which may involve both sides of the brain. it also will mean twice the art supplies. i have to act fast because mom told me he is removing his clothes to finger paint from a loaded diaper.


  • I think you should roll his sleeves up, or even have him naked from the waist up and let him paint with poster paint. Never leave a child unsupervised with paint or a brush or pencils. Kids like to put things up their nose, in their ears and down their throat !!! He will be out of Diapers soon, so that is one less concern. !!!
  • marieb, thanks. i put together an order for him.
    i found special child brushes and washable poster paint. whenever he sees a brush he drops toys. i'm just offering him a play toy. if he takes to it wonderful, if not he had some play time.
    he loves videos, i might put on marks videos to see if he watches them. ;)
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