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I am having a real difficult time sourcing 5000K bulbs, as well as 9 or 20 w bulbs. I have tried all lighting,hardware and building supply stores within a 400 km radius to no avail. As well as having ordered from multiple sites however, once they arrive and despite the online description stating 5000K, they're not as described. Is anyone familiar with a reliable source to order these through ? Thank You .....Karen


  • this should help, they have many others but this one is 3200 lumens 90plus cri
    i have three of them and can reproduce a day on the beach without the heat. http://www.fullspectrumsolutions.com/55w_umbrella_822_prd1.htm
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    Always mention country when asking for supplier recommendations. In this case, Canada, correct? If no one on the forum has a definitive answer for you, I'll get recommendations from some of our Canadian students who have purchased the correct bulbs.

    And by the way, what temperature are the ones you purchased? Up to 5500k is common and is okay as well.
  • Thanks @OilPainter and @David_Quinn_Carder Yes, it is Canada, I will remember next time - of note; I have been sent 5500 K instead of 5000 K and 23 W instead of 20 - which states 5000 K. Is okay to try these ? and I have another issue pertaining to the ingenious Color Checker - Winter has set in and doing anything in the garage or outside isn't going to happen for a few months - Has anyone chosen to make these to purchase ? If so, I would like to buy one or two ! Thank you...Karen
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    Yes, 5500k is fine. Wattage is just a measure of electricity used, 23w is what our small bulbs are here, that's fine.

    We don't currently sell color checkers (eventually they will be available at genevafineart.com), but some people here can suggest alternative versions that might be easier to make.
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