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Black canvas


Last week, after a frustrating search for roll canvas around my city (Perth, Australia) I settled for a large roll of Fredriks black canvas (200x60 inches).

After haggling, I got the price down to $116. Reckon I should be able to get about 25 canvases of portraiture size at $4.60 a piece.

Nice to use, paint goes on well and has good coverage. No glare, no need for toning. Yellow pencil drawings contrast well. intend to glue to panels or stretch as needed.

All in all, cost and effort savings.




  • I like the price, is black less expensive ? How do you like using black? Do you coat it with gesso, if yes what color do you use ? what texture does it have ( smooth, rough ) Portraits, landscapes, still life ? Thanks /
  • Kingston

    I have already painted Elvis. The other star I'm painting is Kingston.

    [Deleted User]
  • dencaldencal -
    edited January 2015
    I like the price, is black less expensive ?
    I don't see any reason why black should be less expensive, while the equivalent white canvas was $160, I was able to take advantage of an old price label and a card discount to get $116. Not that I had any choice the only white roll canvas they (Jacksons) had was for watercolors.
    How do you like using black?
    Great. Don't have to tone it, no glare, good contrast with yellow pencil etc
    Do you coat it with gesso, if yes what color do you use ?
    No! The canvas is pre-primed with multiple (3?) coats of black acrylic gesso (Which ain't really gesso in the chalk sense).
    what texture does it have ( smooth, rough )
    Just started on it, first impression is that it is smoother than my pre-stretched cotton canvases but there is a fine texture to the surface. It is a very uniform surface, no lumps or bumps.
    Portraits, landscapes, still life ?
    Portraits and figures mainly, but I'm sure the odd landscape or still life will find its way on to the easel.

  • Hi,
    Black canvas sounds interesting.I have never use it before.But now going to try this.
  • COOL! Can you send some photos, Denis?
  • Garry

    You want a photograph of black canvas?

    OK. This one is shows the lighter side of black canvas

    The second photo shows the moody side of black canvas.


  • Has anyone painted oil on "watercolor canvas"? It seems to have a very fine texture.
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