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printing photos

So, I do not have access to Photoshop or to this other program for Windows that I found being discussed here already. I also don't have access to a high quality printer for photos. I do however have a camera luckily that is great that I can use. My question is if anyone knows of a place perhaps that prints large enough photos with high quality that also might have access to some type of photo program? And if someone might know the price range for it.


  • Where do you live? Country/region/etc
  • Here in Glendale California. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to see, but the lady at the photo center said she didn't know the prices for the size I wanted -_-
  • The short answer is I don't know. @rgr‌ Mentioned something about getting prints made somewhere but I don't know the details — maybe he can chime in. A good camera isn't nearly as useful as it can be without a way to process RAW files.
  • Josepham28

    From the Walmart website;

    8x10 $2.84
    11x14 $5.86
    16x20 $12.86
    20x30 $18.86

  • I use and there are options to download their color profile and use it in photoshop. If you do that, you should also deselect any options to optimize the color when you submit your print(s) request. It's a little complicated though so you may be better off just using your own color profile (or what ever is the default in PS) and do some small samples with their color fixing on and off and see what you get back.
  • @josepham28‌ Is your computer not adequate for running Photoshop?
  • Costco is where I have mine printed.
  • I need to get a new computer but I probably won't be able until a few weeks. I don't have Photoshop now, and I know this is not gonna be as great, but would you recommend using Photoshop on my phone? My phone shoots RAW photos so I was thinking of just using the mobile version of Photoshop with it as the next best thing.

    @opnwyder‌ I didn't think about Costco. I'll go check it out tomorrow, thanks.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited January 2015
    Raw processing is not available on phones. Also, FYI, not all products labeled "Photoshop" are really Photoshop. Touch, Elements, Express, etc… are not the same thing. I'm not saying they're necessarily bad, and I don't know what they all do, but if you're serious about your work and are going to use photography and computer-processing for your work, the Lightroom 5 + Photoshop CC subscription package is what you need to get. Before getting a new computer, you should look up minimum requirements for running those programs, and make sure you're display isn't too bad (in other words, don't get a cheap laptop or something).
  • By the way, which phone do you have? A Lumia? You say your phone shoots raw photos, and I just want to make sure you don't mean something like the Digital Negative iPhone app, which doesn't really shoot raw.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited January 2015
    You can Google it, but it would probably be easier to just tell me what the camera model is. It probably has a built-in lens, but if it doesn't — if it's detachable — tell me what it says on the lens as well. This way I might be able to tell you what it's good for and what it's not good for.

    As far how much time, you should go ahead and take a photo of it (work-in-progress) and learn to process it using my photo guide, assuming your camera is going to work. Learning how to do it, depending on how quick you pick things up and how comfortable you are with software UIs, may not take long… but it will take longer than it will once you've figured out. Once you've figured out, you can generally do it all in an hour or two, depending on various factors and how particular you are. So… 10 photos, you know… I could do it in a few hours for sure, maybe less, but I think anyone could do it in two days, assuming they're not learning how to use the software for the first time when they do it.

    It really all depends. Depending on the circumstances, I can get an image taken off the camera and processed for web or print from anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. It just depends on so many things, I can't say what it will be like for every photo and every situation.
  • Oh, also need to know what size paintings we're talking about. Rough dimensions.
  • I usually pay photographers to do their part for me, and print photos in sections and piece together. I do not have a printer and use a couple of different places in the UK to print - but with mixed results. Sometimes they come out so dark they look nothing like the photo, so I aks them to try again. I have limited time/space for the extras in the process and just worry about painting itself.
  • Not read all the posts but theres a free program call Gimp , free and just as good as Photoshop.
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