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Happy New Year and resolutions

I started painting in 2014, so I have this incredible feeling that 2015 is going to be a great year for learning and exploring paint. Here's to a healthy, productive, colorful New Year!

My painting resolutions for 2015
-paint a landscape
-paint a still life
-paint a plein air
-paint at least one painting per month
-finish every painting I start

Feel free to add your own.


  • MeganS

    How about drawing five figure studies a month?
    And where do portraits fit into this busy schedule?

  • I definitely want to get more drawing done.
  • dencal said:


    How about drawing five figure studies a month?
    And where do portraits fit into this busy schedule?


    I have no problem finding motivation for painting skin. In fact, if I paint other things while painting portraits, I neglect all things that don't have skin. I shouldn't have any trouble with this schedule. In fact, I'm hoping for more. I'll have all kids in school by fall, so there should be plenty of time to paint then (at a reasonable hour!). My studio should be finished by Spring so getting at least a few paintings done from life seems reasonable.
  • To do at least a month's worth of small daily paintings.
    To start painting en plein air.
    To apply for individual artist grants that my county and state award.
    To take a couple of courses at the Schuler School in Baltimore.
  • @Martin_J_Crane That grant thing is a great idea.
  • Yes indeed - I'm in Maryland, and both my county and my state offer individual artist grants from $1000 to $5000. Its definitely worth checking out.
  • @MeganS I like your resolutions, hope you post your paintings. Love your style and subjects.

    For me it will be more modest:
    1. Finish the projects I currently have in the works.
    2. Think about what I am hoping to accomplish with art before taking on anymore.

    Looking at the work I see on this forum, I can see I am too spread out, and going in too many directions with too many different mediums and styles watercolor, pastels, oil, charcoal, realism, plein air, layered, alla prima, etc.

    I am leaning toward the method I see in Mark's portrait video which I bought, but I want to finish what I have started and see what grabs me, before jumping into something new.

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