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Eager To Begin DMP

edited August 2017 in Introduce Yourself
Hello everyone! I have drawn every since I can remember. I really enjoy portraiture the most, although I am beginning to become more open to other subject matter. I took a portrait drawing class from a local artist whose technical methods allowed me to achieve the realism I desired. However, when I later took a painting class in college I had the opposite experience. I was very disappointed and never got to a place with painting that I wanted to be.

I came across Mark's videos on YouTube and it seems to be the perfect method for me. I am very eager to begin my first paintings using Draw Mix Paint!

[Deleted User]jrbgolfs


  • @stevonski the drawings are great. No doubt Mark's method will help. I started painting just last January after watching Mark's videos and getting the necessary supplies. I purchased his landscape video and frankly have been more than pleased with what his method can do. My style is more landscapes, but have no doubt with his new online class or his videos, you will be able to paint the portraits you wish. His simple palette is something that as a beginner I easily absorbed and hope my work will continue to improve as I continue to paint. Mark has made painting fun for me and I have now painted over 18 paintings this year, even with a full time job and life with kids ever present. Best of luck and I look forward to your progress.

    As an aside, this forum has been a wonderful resource as well. Don't hesitate to ask for guidance and opinions, as there are plenty on here whose wisdom and help have helped me greatly.
  • @jrbgolfs‌ wow 18 paintings in a year with kids. I really have no excuse now haha. I am still working out what subjects I'd like to use. Almost done gathering all the supplies.
  • stevonski

    Nice work! Love your drawings.

  • Your history is just like mine. I drew well but couldn't paint for a long time. Mark's method is perfect. You'll be painting great in no time.
  • Welcome to the forum.
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