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How much Venice Turpentine do I need?

I'm new here and I have all of the paint colors I need and the other parts of the medium mixture except the Venice Turpentine. I know the number of parts of each item in the mixture, but how much of the VT (30ml, 120ml, etc.) do I need to buy to have enough starting from scratch? Thanks for your help.


  • JimmyJimmy -
    edited December 2014
    Hi dianescape! Welcome! I'd be happy to try and answer your question based upon my recent experience mixing the slow dry medium recipes.

    Venetian Turpentine is sold in quantities of Net Wt. 16 ounces. I ordered mine from The Origingal Horse Track Company - Amazon Marketplace. Ordered: 1 Farrier's Magic Venice Turpentine Hoof Conditioner $11.77 But what they sent was the Hawthorne brand for the same price, $11.77

    How much you'll need depends on how you define "part" contingent upon whichever ingredient you have the least of. In my case I had one fluid ounce of clove oil. And I wanted to mix the slow dry medium for colors and, separately the slow dry medium for titanium white. I had to divide my one fl. oz. of clove oil between the two recipes and reserve a couple of teaspoons to add to Burnt Umber.

    Example: for two tablespoons of clove oil I need five tablespoons of Venetian Turpentine or ten tablespoons to make equal amounts of both slow dry mediums, each of which call for 5 parts VT. One US tablespoon is 14.8 mL or about 15 mL. Ten tablespoons is about 150 mL.

    I hope this helps answer your question.

    P.S. be sure not to make the mistake I made - the recipe is part per volume not weight.
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