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after seeing liz and gary do apples, nicely i must say, i started to think about a composition i have on the shelf. then i resigned again; there are too many apples. they are more prolific than rabbits. apples, pears, grapes and cherries in that order i think. my question is: is it the better mousetrap or a exercise because they sit still and don't discolor? maybe it's just handy and better than old shoes? i've seen some very nice apple paintings and didn't yawn, i was drawn into them. anyone able to theorize the popularity?


  • i thought they were florida apples
  • my "apple" design is underway. it is a famous lesson used at barnesworth studios for composition. i just haven't decided what to use for apples, yet. since everyone does it i will practice it too.
    i found out why apples look so nice and stay that way. a chap from Mobil oil told me they sell their by products, from refining, wax, to the fruit industry. they coat apples, hence the polished apple.
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